Frequently Asked Questions...

Does the stuff really come from your parents' house?

A lot of it does. A few years ago I bought the house I grew up in from my dad, who bought out my mom in 1997. The first 6 months of dAN's Parents' House were things exclusively from the house and my childhood. At some point, people offered to sell me things similar to what I sell anyway. It was the next logical step to pass these things on to my customers. Don't worry, there is still at least several thousand toys that are crammed in the left half of the attic. Several times a month, I still dig things out for the business. The treasures will go on for a L-O-O-ON-G time!

Don't you want to keep things? Does it hurt to sell your childhood?

No and No. After spending over 3 years cleaning and sorting the house, it is all for sale. The joy I get now is from watching people get super excited when they walk in the booth and buy things. Besides, the longer I do this, the more I realize that everything is replaceable.

Will you buy my junk?

Possibly. Email me with what you have with a picture or 2 if possible. Let me know what you are looking to get if you have a number in your head. I tend to buy in volume. If you think you have a super rare valuable object, I probably can't afford it. That being said, it never hurts to ask.

Thanks for thinking of me!

How quick will I receive my order?

I am basically a one man operation. I will usually do the mail every Monday. So most orders will arrive in under 2 weeks. Occasionally if I get backlogged, it will take 3 weeks. If you are in a rush, email me and I will do the best I can.
If you live within 2 hours of NYC, come to Brooklyn flea or City Island and buy direct from me. It's much more fun, I promise.